Thursday, June 12, 2008

2manydj's Video

Every time I go to LA, I give Amoeba a stop and search for some 2manydj's mix cd's (slightly legitimate bootlegs, but $25 a pop). I probably should just do the forum thing and get it from random internet folk for zero, but I guess I'm lazy. Anyway, seeing Soulwax perform at Coachella and 2manydj's in Chicago (same people by the way) for the first time(s) was a life changing experience (more on that later). Now they are making a video of their experiences of traveling, partying, and dj'ing. Link plus teaser:

footnote - TheFastLife

Another aside, Partizan (the folks putting the movie out) makes me think of Pias and Citizen, which are who put Vitalic out. Why the guy hasn't had another album in out in a long time is beyond me. Here is the track that got me hooked on him +1, both off of OK Cowboy

Vitalic - My Friend Dario
Vitalic - Repair Machine DiscoMix

And now since it's halb zwolf on a school night, here's a chill track that I found through Erol Alkan's Bugged In Mix. Good night.

The Concretes - Miss You

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