Monday, June 30, 2008

My first

So once upon a time, I was on the internet between junior/senior years of college and I (somehow) found this magazine called Useless. It looked kind of interesting and so I made the impulse buy for their ~$10 premier issue. It was a bit on the weird side, but it was interesting nonetheless. However, it wasn't the magazine that changed my life, it was the CD inside: Larry Tee's Distortion Disko. I won't describe how it sounded only that it was the first time since blasting the last part of Hendrix's Bold as Love at DU in my headphones that my eyes rolled in the back of my head, I opened my mouth slightly and felt my legs start to go numb. I was hooked on electro. Using Useless #1 as my guide, my life began.

I have since lost the CD in the music purging cab ride, but here are the tracks. These are meant to be listened to gapless. Enjoy.

Larry Tee Distortion Disko - track 1
Larry Tee Distortion Disko - track 2
Larry Tee Distortion Disko - track 3

P.S. To Sam, Tim, & Christi - This is the CD we had playing while we did the auto dancing and the utterly gracious Sam drove to Smartbar.

Larry Tee used to be part of a group called the Now Explosion. I don't know what happened to them, but here's a track of theirs that hasn't fallen through my mp3 cracks of loss.

Now Explosion - Rhythm Within Em

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