Thursday, June 26, 2008


Similar to when Jay-Z jacked stole borrowed sampled Punjabi MC's song

Panjabi MC - Mundian to bach ke
"Does M.C. mean Madar chod or what?"

and turned it into his own:

Jay-Z - Beware of Boyz. Mr. Panjabi MC was unhappy about the arrangement, but it seems that the stories now are that everything is a-OK.

M.I.A. sampled (a lot) this Indian song

Jimmy aaja


M.I.A. - Jimmy.

This point is way late, but someone reminded me about it a few days ago (Sammy?) and I figured I'd tell some more people. You know, just because Bollywood imitates some western movies doesn't mean we should nick their songs. If everyone rips everyone off, we'll all be torn apart. (waa waa). Speaking of Bollywood, here's some silliness.

Maybe something a little more recent will percolate next post.

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