Sunday, June 1, 2008

Moulinex (Moo luh nay) c'est Francais (Say Fruhn, say!)

Once again, Moulinex is a winner. This mix is pretty good.

Libere La Femme vol. II Mix

01. miami horror - don't be on with her
02. egyptian lover - my beat goes boom
03. russ chimes - push the feeling on (russ chimes remix)
04. bumblebeez - dr love (a-trak remix)
05. ben mono - hit the bit (rhode remix)
06. afrika bambaata - funky heroes
07. xinobi - bmx
08. yo majesty - club action
09. moulinex - breakchops
10. daft punk - high life (moulinex edit)
11. cryptonites - hands of god (fingers of moulinex remix)
12. tepr - minuit jacuzzi (data remix)
13. justice - phantom pt. ii (boys noize remix)
14. moulinex - leisure suit
15. gingy - rios for mvp
16. timbaland - miscommunication (the bloody beetroots remix)
17. le knight club - soul bells (edit)
18. lifelike - so electric
19. michael cassette - zeppelin
20. the outrunners - blazing speed and neon lights with you
21. college - teenage color (anoraak remix)
22. maetheelvin - lost in big city
23. sebastian tellier - la ritournelle

There are some particular guys here that are pretty good that you should know about:

-> Tepr <- I found out this guy almost a year ago through myspace somehow and the video was just so awesome. I discovered Yelle that way and she reminded me of a French, up-to-date, and more dancy Annie. I recommend Chewing Gum for the babes to listen to. Don't get too cocky, though. (link later...)

-> Bloody Beetroots <- Honestly I don't know too much about these guys other than they do the whole mask thing that Daft Punk, Mstrkrft, The Knife (live), etc. do. I don't know how I feel about that. However, they are pretty good in the remix business. Listen to the audioporno mix on their myspace and then elbow the crap out of them.

-> Miami Horror <- I'm pretty sure he is the big dude from Gameboy/Gamegirl I talked about a couple of posts ago (man I am soooo established on the SCENE. I am so scene. I heard people that say that they are so scene are not scene. I am so not scene. There, that's better.)

-> Egyptian Lover <- I really wanted to just post his picture up. He's good to listen to too.

There's not that much to write here seeing as I can't really give the backgrounds on most these people other than the fact that you should check them. In the meantime, wait for this to come out:

My approach to writing the stuff that I do here is that I am communicating mostly to my pals who don't know much about this stuff. If you're a Mr. Fancy Pants constantly looking at the ceiling and think that Daft Punk Technologic should never be played in a mix ever again (which is kind of true), then you can do the just visiting on this blogopoly board.

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