Tuesday, June 17, 2008


How about that, more through thefastlife.org

Remix Artist Collective. It sounds like blah blah blah... click on the image and learn more. I think what I like most about it (so far) is the art. It reminds me of this stuff and when I bought my first Kitsune record (which was:

way back in 2005.

Benjamin Thieves - Texas (Original remix)
Benjamin Thieves - Texas (SebastiAn remix)

I didn't know at the time that all their stuff had the drawn faces as their background. After I saw the cover art, I wanted all my arty buddies to make some faces like that for me and I would xerox them different ways and plaster them all around my room as wallpaper. Yeah, that never happened.

I haven't picked up any Kitsune lately, which makes me think that I should. I always get the compilations which usually has some (never all) decent stuff on it and above all point me in the right direction. The last thing that I got that stuck (which is off the compilation, but you should get the single too with B-side Italian Blonde) was

Rex The Dog - Circulate

Side note: I hate describing music. I especially am not a fan of when others do it. I guess it's necessary for magazines to stay afloat. Websites can at least have the links of songs for you to have your own opinions. I figure if you're going to dnload off of me, then you should listen and then keep or delete. If you delete more than you keep, find another blargh.

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