Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I'm feeling... disappointed

Have you ever watched one of your favorite 80's cartoons or movies only to realize that it's not the way you remembered it; perhaps you finally realize that the show that you thought was so cool is actually really lame? I can't think of an example right now other than Tail Spin or Rescue Rangers, however musically I just discovered one this morning.

My guy Alexander Robotnik has an awesome album called "Oh No... Robotnik" which is how I came to discover him. He's had a big influence on the electro-Italo music scene and is a really good DJ if you ever get a chance to see him; Israeli Dan (and Adrian?) and I saw him at Rednofive a couple of years back and I even saw him at a warehouse party near my house where my pal Adam ended up talking the good talk with the cops while I slithered past unscathed. Massive speakers, his head bobbing up and down furiously while people where getting sweaty (you didn't really have to dance to get wet, it was hot enough if you weren't by a fan). That was an interesting time. His top song back in the 80's was

Alexander Robotnik - Problemes D'Amour

It is in French, but the guy is Italian. He also put out a year or so ago what he calls History which is basically a chronological mix of a lot of good house hits over the years. I played it at my old occupation once when I was working late and this supervisor guy (not mine) who used to be in the scene walked in on me playing this music and started dancing in the office at 7pm. "Oh man... THIS song!" I hardly know any of the tracks, but it's pretty good:

Alexander Robotnik - History

Which brings us to the present. I'm Maurizio Dami's friend on myspace (his real name) and he put out a new video doing some old-style electro stuff. I was fairly excited to see it... until I actually saw it. Just watching the guy do the vocals and the dancing, one can't help but laugh and dismiss his efforts. It just makes me want to hang my head. Watch it if you dare.

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