Friday, June 27, 2008

Black Girl

...title works with our format on racial understanding on Con Spicks.

Here's a new video by Black Ghosts, 'Repetition Kills You'. Man these guys are awesome.

And, if you haven't heard already, Girl Talk is/has releasing/ed his album on and he's using the Radiohead pay whatever you want format. The experiment lives on, even after Thom said that he probably wouldn't release another album using that technique (story here, but that's just what I found on google, not who broke it).
Initially I didn't like the fellow, but I always liked mashup, but after having a dinner with Alanna (p.s. Happy Birthday), she said I should take another look at the girl in the red dress. So here it is. If I could give half-stars on iTunes, the bulk of this would get 3.5 . As I've heard elsewhere, this is the kind of album you'd listen to on the way to going out, not necessarily when you're there yet (which I agree with).
If you like this guy, you'd probably like Z-Trip, who was my first modern-day exposure to any sort of mashup, although his cuts are lengthier whereas Girl Talk's average sample from a track seems to be about 20-30sec.

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