Monday, May 18, 2009

Daft Punk Daft Punk Repost Repost

I def have been missing out.

This post has given me a lot of information:
A) I don't check the blogs enough
B) Daft Punk bloggers are putting out a remix compilation
C) I just found 9 new blogs

First of all, the superfrancos put out a remix album but exclusive to Japan (why does that happen all the time?) and it seems like folks got a little unhappy at the fact that they didn't live a Tokyo trainride away from the record store. As a result, this group of blogs did something about it: each one of them picked a song (or got dealt) a track and it's their job to find a producer to remix their particular track. The datebook reads 19May to say who is their producer, and put out a 128kbps version and then 20May put the song out... just in time for the weekend. Sonotheque are you listening???

Second of all:

01. Human After All —> Chosen by Disco Demons
02. The Prime Time Of Your Life —> Chosen by Data Sapiens
03. Robot Rock —> Chosen by The Cold Cut
04. Steam Machine —> Chosen by Cream Team
05. Make Love —> Chosen by Sheena Beaston
06. The Brainwasher —> Chosen by Danger! Danger!
07. On/Off —> Chosen by The Lemur Blog
08. Television Rules The Nation —> Chosen by Noise Porn
09. Technologic —> Chosen by Pretty Much Amazing
10. Emotion —> Chosen by Binary

That's it. Excuse my tighter pants.

20May09 Edit:
Here it is: clicky.


Money Mike said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Why is this not on Amazon??? Must order...

Money Mike said...

Burned myself a copy for my car. OMG, I'm going to have some serious fun with my Sharpie cover art...