Saturday, May 9, 2009

The one I've been meaning to do for a while

While living in Denver, or in Chicago or going anywhere, I have a natural draw to spend a couple of hours in a local record store. It is not news to anyone of the interesting things that you'll find. Seeing as I have a poor memory and even poorer associative memory of text to sound, it is difficult for me to find things I'm actually looking for that I've heard. Most of my purchases are based on how interesting I find the cover art, or band name, or whether I've heard them before and can recall their name at that specific time. One band that I gave a chance to were The Buggles.

(reverse cover)

Yes, they have the obvious song, but the whole album is really good.

Buggles - Astroboy

Buggles - Elstree

Buggles - Kid Dynamo (streaming track on youtube)

I highly recommend picking this one up.

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