Saturday, May 30, 2009


O'Spada - Time

Our first track comes from Swedish group O'Spada, dubbed due to lead vocalist Julia Spada. 'Time' sounds like classic disco house except without the cheese. It's probably redundant for me to claim this to be a great track when it's me that posting this on my blog called my picks. This is a great track. However, when I first heard it, it was a lo-fi, live version and I just imagined being in this dark and sweaty VFW hall that we broke into for one night to throw this jam of a party... rebroadcast on AM radio.

Speaking of lo-fi, what are your thoughts on it? Annoying? Classic? Hearing 'Time' again makes me almost prefer the grimey version because of the image it provokes. I liken it to reading a book versus watching a movie; you are casting your own perceptions of what a given moment is like and how the sound really would sound if the production was glossy format. With old jazz/blues recordings, I feel like that is the sound that is proper for the time, almost a part of the tune's credibility. Naturally, the other side of this is that if I heard a song before and are hearing it again on a shitty 32kpbs MP3, I'd throw a fit.

Back to the tune, I feel like it has too many stop/starts in it. Luckily for me (and you) they put out a remix comp so you can sleight your own hand at it.

O'Spada - Time (producer remix pack)


The Radio Dept. - David

Track 2 comes from these guys. This should be on your personal picnic mix to play after you've eaten too many PB&J's and you stare at the sky in your poodle skirt or high pants, whichever you prefer. The strings, high-pitched synth vamps, and bells give it just the right amount of sugar especially when coupled with the dreamily distorted vocals. >>This is a great track.

P.S. I didn't plan for this, but these guys are Swedish too.

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Larry Nguyen said...

The lead singer is WHITE?:

Too much soul for Swedish girl...haha