Friday, May 15, 2009

A New Hope

I've found a new music resource and his name is Kyle. Kyle is not hyped up on electro like I am but prefers the more (relative) slow jam. I can't delve into description as to what he's recommended so far, however he has given me a super tip: her name is Hope Sandoval. Former lead singer of Mazzy Star, she has one of those voices that makes your body melt like a candle. I retreat all my reality into her sound. I've heard her voice before, but never took the time to research as to who she was. Here are some favorites currently:

Hope Sandoval - Clear Day

Hope Sandoval - Cherry Blossom Girl (cover of Air)

The Chemical Brothers - Asleep from Day

Thinking about it now, it sounds like she never fully experienced a vocal coming-of-age; she has a sultry, young voice. Don't call me a creep until you've listened.

Did you really believe this was going to be a star wars post? So did I...

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Rob said...

After 8 years, a New Hope albumcomes out September 1st on Nettwerk......THROUGH THE DEVIL SOFTLY.