Sunday, May 24, 2009

A day being wasted?

I really really wanted to do a vinyl rip of Zombie Nation's Zombieliscious. Lo and behold, I look at the bottom of the vinyl sleeve and there is a little card for getting the mp3's. Fantastic! Please don't stereotype the guy from the old song that has become uberklassik-overplayed. (Did you know that it was a remix of a game song from within Lazy Jones on the Commodore 64?)

Anywho, for some reason I want this album to be the next OK Cowboy for me. It doesn't have the hard-hitting distortion, but rather more rough melodies con driving beats. Some of it even sounds like it's meant for bboys. Hmm...

Zombie Nation - Filterjerks

Zombie Nation - Get It

Zombie Nation - Supercake 53

By the way, please go get the rest of the album. It's begging for your attention. And your feet's.

Maybe now that it's 7pm I should go outside a little more and perhaps crash a bbq somewhere. Or I could just deliver a loaf of pork loin. Have meat will travel.

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