Monday, May 25, 2009

expansion of new Desires (part 1)

My musical tastes are expanding. More specifically, I am utterly tired of bangers. I think I've mentioned it before that I've been getting more and more into is chiller downtempo (but not necessarily electronic) tracks. Specifically it has lately been The Magnetic Fields.


The Magnetic Fields - All The Umbrellas in London

The Magnetic Fields - Underwear

I actually was first introduced to Underwear via Dedric, alongwith he added

The White Stripes - Handsprings

Not exactly within the scope of this post however it is a fantastic song.

Anyway, I'm not saying that I no longer appreciate the hard hits... hardly. I think that as of late I'm more attracted to the slower grooves especially by Fred Falke, Hope Sandoval, Badly Drawn Boy, Chad Van Gaalen. It's probably a reaction to the popularity of the harder stuff. Now, a more important question to myself is why am I repelled by the popular? I'm not actively trying to put my nose in the air (most of the time), it just turns out that it's part of my personality. I guess if it is an innate quality, I'm not going to start going to delve into my childhood to figure out why I became me (my grandma custom-made my clothes, my ma made my lunches from polish ingredients, I was in the IB program, my dad knew the answers to all my questions, all my friends were all different races...). Ok diary, that's enough of that.

I think I said it before when speaking of this that this is my prediction for the next trend in electro-indie-pop. It's true; the saw wave with distortion has its limits. Hell, distortion itself has its limits before the stuff all starts to sound the same and starts to border with just looping a sound bite to a 64th- or 128th-note (yes, that effect transition is used a lot). What about that transition in other instruments? Done that. That hard/forceful stroke with the bow on the violin, that hard growl vocals you hear in blues, same with saxophone. I wonder how one would take those transitions and put them into electro? DEF the saxophone. There needs to be more of the soulful jazzy sax tracks in electro (case in point 'Hearts on Fire'). But in terms of a loop -> distortion there would need to be some analysis done of the sax growl. For one, it is a singular note, but how do you analyze the timbre? Man, I've always wanted to make my own synthesizer.................. dedric?

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